Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

It may seem like a challenge to forecast what to do with the cushions on your sofa with the change of season. Do you do colour, do you do natural, or do you do a colourful pattern over a natural background? The thing that will have the most influence on you this season is to take the holistic approach and buy the furniture and décor that is the most comfortable to live with aesthetically and physically. Colour can be joyous, uplifting and striking and can be used in mass-creating theatre and drama or used minimally to punctuate a natural-toned space. Eclectic is the new black and is the strongest influence coming through European Design which directly impacts the global design world.

What does ECLECTIC mean?

Some designers have had glittering careers spanning decades because of their ability to mix objects and furniture from different eras and styles. A pair of very modern chairs flanking an antique table in an entrance with vintage lamps and contemporary art can say a lot about you and create excitement about what's happening in the rest of your home. Use colour, texture and form in the pieces to marry the eclectic look together and you can have great fun creating the unexpected. Kit Kemp and Jonathon Adler are masters of this style in quite different ways … check them out!

Which COLOURS are trending?

Firstly, every colour is available to you if you love it … don’t be afraid to use what you love regardless of trends.



Shades of purple through violet into lavender and mauve are appearing as a statement in interiors and soft furnishings and again this range of hue can be as striking as imperial purple through to the beautifully feminine pastel of lavender. Upholster an angry old Gothic armchair with the palest lavender velvet and witness that eclectic marriage at play. The colour lavender like the natural oil extracted from the plant has a mood-altering soothing effect on our senses. 



Green in many shades is also strong for its organic connection to nature. That silvery green-coloured fungi growing on a towering tree in the forest painted on a dining room wall will add tranquillity to the room. Olive and sage are also coming through along with ultramarine green.



Pink and plum, mustard and mango, and varying shades in between are shining next season with delicious cocoa and milk chocolate variations through to mouse belly and camel keep the earth tones of brown as a soft sumptuous comfort in your home. Soft pink with silver and sage green is so beautifully delicate and just feels like love. Almond oil is a sharp acid-toned yellow/green and is a very chic colour for next year. The Bari sofa range in store is presented in saffron linen and lights up the entire space.



The majesty of the ocean and the sky as its reflection is celebrated next season in all its shades of blue from the ice blue of shallow water to the sapphire glow of the Mediterranean in glass, fabric, art, resin and paint colours. Spending time in blue-toned environments has been shown to improve our mental health. There is a beautiful turquoise leather sofa in the Pure Home Living Flagship Store at present.

Decorating in 2023

Inspiration from within and paying attention to what turns you on is a great place to start when choosing pieces to decorate a room. Exotic fabrics and wallpapers are appearing especially with botanical influences. Tribal geometry is also a new trend in fabric.

Marble, granite and all things natural in stone, timber and fibre are strong in the earth's palette movement and because of the variations and colouring techniques used on natural stone, it can be used in the most formal of environments exuding sophistication and glamour back to the most organic and rustic of spaces. 


Sculptor on the floor and the wall, organic shapes in sofas and armchairs with handmade anything is the go for 2023 with a strong vein of eclecticism running through the design.

Euro antique furniture is having a resurgence along with vintage modern furniture and lamps. Soft bohemian lighting and dimmed chandeliers are ambient additions to new decorating evoking memories of the silver screen, Hollywood and the Joie de vie of the art deco era.


There is still a strong demand for outdoor furniture that mimics indoor furniture in style and finish boasting the advantage of UV resistance and weather durability.


 Outdoor pavilions with cooking stations are still trending in outdoor design with boutique lighting, refrigeration, and bar facilities all incorporated into one exterior location. Resort-style living with designer swimming pools is either very modern Summary or very green space with a focus on feeling that holiday experience every time you go into your back garden.


Not sticking to any one style can make for the most interesting of interiors that reflect who you are as a person. Always have your core love pieces and play with decor and art and if you want to follow seasonal trends you can keep a cabinet stuffed with lots of different things that can be brought out and interchanged with on show decor to create a whole new look. Pure Home Living is ever changing and exhibits an eclectic range of modern, contemporary and classic furniture, decor and art and ensures an uplifting in-store shopping experience full of design inspiration.