A table adds functionality to a room. Whether you want to have coffee with friends, have a scrumptious meal with family or complete your office work, having the right type of table is very important. Depending on the size and the purpose for which it is used, the tables can be either wooden, metal or plastic tables.

We, at Pure Home Living, sell different types and varieties of tables for our customers in Australia. Our flagship and concept stores in Queensland, Australia, have different tables like coffee tables, dining tables, desks, side tables, and bar tables. Our coffee tables are available in round and rectangular shapes and come with wooden and metal legs. We also have coffee tables with storage facilities to add to the functionality of the room. The dining tables are sleek and stylish and are designed in different styles to meet the varying requirements of our customers. If you want to create a style statement in your room, we have beautifully designed side tables with a perfect finish.

All our tables are made of high-quality wood and metal that does not get damaged easily. Our tables are available in a range of colours like honey, messmate and white. Customers also get to buy a matching dining table and side table to strike a balance in their interior decor. If you follow a contemporary decor style in your home, tables in timber and tallow finish will look good. For a more natural look, tables in messmate and Australian oak finish would be a great choice. Our dining tables and desks are constructed in the standard height so that you can use them with any chairs.

The peculiarity of our store is that though we are located in Queensland, we deliver our furniture throughout Australia. Thus, whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or any other part of the country, you can purchase our products at the click of a button. Our professional delivery staff ensure that the products are delivered to your doorstep without any damage and at the right time.