The story starts in 2009 when Adam & Rachel Healey were given an opportunity to buy into the Forty Winks Franchise. Adam was introduced to Forty Winks while working at Sealy Australia. Adam was the Account executive for Forty Winks and serviced the Forty Winks Account. In the 18 months in doing this Adam earned a reputation that saw him with the buying opportunity of his 1st store.

Since 2009 Forty Winks Hervey Bay has had a focus on exceptional customer service and lifting the brand profile within a local community. Forty Winks Hervey Bay won the State and National Store of the Year in 2014 for delivering exceptional customer service and delivery strong business results.

In November 2015 Adam and Rachel Healey expanded into Bundaberg. The focus was to delivery into Bundaberg everything they have learned in Hervey Bay and set up a strong inter store relationship that would enhance the focus on delivering exceptional service and building the brand of Forty Winks in the Wide Bay region.

With a personal goal to one day head back to Brisbane, Adam and Rachel Healey In October 2017 purchased the Toowoomba store and relocated the family for the next stage in life.

Adam and Rachel have a passion for big ticket retail and a passion for customer service and we hope that all their staff will share that passion in their daily duties.

The Pure Home Living came out of necessity in September 2018 to finding a new location to relocate the Forty Winks Hervey Bay store after its 10 years lease in Dec 2019. With 14-months still left on the lease - we had to think of a business to start in the new location while we end the lease at the Eli Waters location.

With a love of Homewares, furniture, Decor and Hervey Bay and finding it hard to find outdoor furniture for ourselves in Hervey Bay, we then opened an outdoor clearance store and offered a large range of quality products at affordable prices. When the lease ran out of the old location, we then moved Forty Winks into its NEW store and decided to not only focus on outdoor furniture but also to include Lounges, Sofas, and all things décor. 

Early 2019 saw Outdoor Furniture Clearance Centre get a facelift and change of name to what it is today. Pure Home Living. A destination in Hervey Bay where you can find homewares, furniture and styling for any house or home.