Wondering what Trends are Waiting in 2024?

As we kick off the year, we're excited to share some cosy and stylish trends that will make your home feel even more like yours.

Curves and Cozy Vibes

Photo by Warwick fabrics 


Forget about sharp angles; we're all about embracing those soft curves and organic shapes. It's all about creating a comfy and inviting space that says, "Hey, take a load off and stay a while."

Comfy Seating

Photo by Warwick fabrics 


Comfort isn't just for the couch anymore. Get ready for plusher seating all around. More people are turning their kitchens into home offices, the need for comfort has surged. Because, let's face it, who wants a stiff chair when you're working from home?

Dare to be Different

Photo by Warwick fabrics 


Feeling a bit adventurous? There is a trend of bold choices in upholstery colours and patterns. It's time to bring some excitement and flair to your furniture. Material diversity is a rising trend!

Fabrics that Perform

Photo by UD furniture


Good news for parents and pet owners! The days of sacrificing style for durability are over. Say hello to performance fabrics that look as chic as they are easy to clean. These fabrics come in beautiful colours and textures. And guess what? White and beige upholstery is making a comeback, thanks to the magic of low-maintenance performance fabrics.


Get ready to embrace the trends and make your space uniquely yours! We can't wait to help you find the perfect pieces to bring these trends to life in your home.