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THE POWER TO SIT, STAND & RECLINE AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON. The Luxury Lift Powered Recliner combines exclusive patented IMG technology with unsurpassed comfort. It offers you reliability and convenience in the safest and most easily operated lift recliner on the market.

Simply using the remote control, the chair will gently elevate you to a standing position when you wish to stand. A handy side pocket stores the remote control for easy access.

All IMG Liftchairs are made with cold-cure molded foam cushioning. This space-age material -encasing the recliner steel frame and springs - is molded to create a contoured silhouette that holds its shape for the lifetime of the foam. This unique technology ensures better ergonomic support for your body, giving comfort as well as durability.

With different sizes to choose from, finding your perfect fit has never been easier. STANDARD, LARGE OR SHALLOW (= 5cm shallower seat then STANDARD size)

Choose from a wide range of leather, fabric and wood finishes to suit your home and style.

Choose between single motor and dual motor:

  • single motor provides effortless reclining and lift function at the push of a button
  • dual motor enables you to operate the back and footrest independently coupled with a full lift function and lay flat recline



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